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Some news that caught my eye

Sex trafficking survivors will train 2,200 Peel police officers to spot the next victims by Jason Miller

“The training focuses on survivors of human trafficking explaining their lived experiences of encounters with police and how much hinges on an officer’s ability to ask the right questions and identify red flags that someone is being groomed or already exploited in the sex trade.”

The training was “developed in tandem with Timea Nagy, a survivor who was trafficked from Hungary to Canada about 24 years ago, and her organization, Timea’s Cause and TC Online Institute.”

‘I just want to hug my daughter again’: OPP issue $100,000 reward in abduction of Elnaz Hajtamiri by Ivy Mak and Peter Edwards

A few paragraphs stand out:

  • “‘Nothing weighs more heavily on our souls than the idea that we may never know what happened to Elnaz,’ Fariba Hajtamiri [Elnaz’s mother] said.
  • “‘We ask the public to look closely at the sketches — we know someone recognizes these suspects and can provide us that one bit of information that will lead to Elnaz’s whereabouts,’ OPP Det. Insp. Martin Graham said.”

Grumpy Bumbling Writer

I’ve been out of the game for a few years, so I need to figure out how and what to do with choosing a niche, creating content, monetizing what I create, and all the rest.

All of that sounds like bullshit internet marketing buzzwords from the last decade, but maybe I’m just grumpy to be starting again at my advanced age (early 40s).

In plain language, I don’t know what I’m going to write or for who, which also means I don’t know how I’m going to go about doing it or how I’ll get paid.

So, yes, grumpy sounds appropriate.