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What’s good about it, Internet?

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Just grinding.

Yesterday’s progress

Yesterday was a disaster. My condition flared, and I could barely take the kids to school: we were late as it was. I spent most of the day lying down in a dark room while my symptoms eased. That’s why there wasn’t a post yesterday. I did manage to look into Patreon a bit (item 5 from this week’s plan) and started a page. Haven’t published it yet, but probably will by the end of the week.

Monday, on the other hand, was better. Per item 4 of the plan for the week, I wrote and published a research brief: Predictive Policing Rests On Problematic Assumptions. Pretty happy with how it turned out.

Troubleshooting obstacles

The biggest obstacles this week have been my condition, which I need to manage better.

Right now

It’s 12:41 p.m., and I’ve taken the kids to school (early!), taken care of the animals, done a cold plunge (torso and as much as our tub would let me submerge), and worked on Counting Crime’s version 1.0 table of contents (item 1).

I have too many ideas for articles or parts of articles. This is a good problem, but it’s distracting.

Today’s plan

From this week’s plan, I’m going to work on a Medium article about crime statistics (item 2) and continue working on a Patreon page (item 5).

For the Medium article, I will write a a few subheads, then a title. After that, I’ll go analog. I’ll see what I have that’s relevant in the slipbox and work with a pen and index cards, using the subheads as a loose plan. Then I’ll go digital again and fill in the subheads. By then I should have a rough article that I can make publishable today or end of day (EOD) tomorrow.

As for Patreon, I have a lot to figure out. Here’s an incomplete list of what I intend to read: