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Good morning, Internet [May 12]

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Yesterday’s progress

I accomplished very little yesterday. After getting home from driving C to work and taking Kid #2 to his (very-long) appointment, I was wrecked. My headache was in full force, and I could not concentrate at all. Driving around on a sunny day can really do me in, especially when I don’t wear my sunglasses, which I’ve lost. I lost a couple hours lying quietly in a dark room.

Troubleshooting obstacles

Find sunglasses or replace them.

Right now

It’s 10:29 a.m. The kids are at school. I’ve worked on an announcement for the new Medium publication. I’m going to drink a bunch of coffee and hopefully not lose my nerve on a cold plunge.

Today’s plan

  • Finish Skogan (1974)!
  • Publish research brief.
  • Write a loose plan for next week.
  • Send the end-of-week newsletter, which I’m naming End of Sentence.