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Good afternoon, Internet


Yesterday’s progress

Well, it’s Monday, so yesterday was not technically a work day, though I did squeeze some in. I could go back to Friday, but I want to try to start the week with a blank slate.

Right now

It’s 12:41 p.m. as I write this, and I’m in the backyard, which is nice. I feel behind schedule. However, I took the kids to school and we were almost on time, so I’m calling that a win. Then I got home and did a half-assed cold plunge (cold water in the tub, but no higher than mid torso). Did get the bottoms of my feet and my palms under, so that was something. I had an hour-long appointment. I also snapped some pictures of my “tickler file” for a Medium post about same. I guess today has been more productive than it feels.

Today’s plan

From this week’s plan, I intend to work on a rough draft of the book’s Table of Contents (item 1), a research brief (item 4), and Patreon (item 5).