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9 new crime research studies

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New research for August 28 

Take a look at these new criminology & criminal justice studies from the journals I monitor.

I hope something catches your interest and you use it in your own writing. If you do, let me know!

1. Urban Victims of Nonlethal Gun Violence: A Chicago-Centered Analysis Using the National Crime Victimization Survey, published in Crime & Delinquency.

2. Gendered Criminality and Punishment: Does Gender Influence Juvenile Offending and Punishment in Saudi Arabia?, published in Crime & Delinquency.

3. Critical Narratives Or Crime Stories? The Ethics And Politics Of Narrative Research In Criminology, published in The British Journal of Criminology.

4. Self-Efficacy, Goal Orientation, and Relationship Ideologies Among Incarcerated Men and Their Romantic Partners, published in Crime & Delinquency.

5. Responding to Sexual Assault: A Systematic Review of Police Training Interventions and Outcomes, published in Crime & Delinquency.

6. The Influence of Community Disadvantage and Opioid Pill Prescriptions on Overdose Deaths in American Counties, published in American Journal of Criminal Justice .

7. Assisted Desistance in Correctional Centers: From Theory to Practice, published in Criminal Justice and Behavior.

8. Paraphilias, Sociodemographic and Forensic Profiles of Men Convicted of Sexual Offenses in Turkey, published in Sexual Abuse.

9. Ghislaine Maxwell the triple threat: victim, abuser, traitor, published in Current Issues in Criminal Justice.

As always, I hope you’ll find some research to write about yourself. I’d love to read it or watch/listen to it, so please let me know in the comments!

I might cover some of them in True Crime Adjacent (TCA) or Nonfiction Crime Writing (NCW).

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