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8 new crime research studies for September 15

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1. A Forensic Science Informational Video Can Help Mock Jurors Evaluate Forensic Expert Testimony, published in Criminal Justice and Behavior.

2. The “Dark Figure” of Incarceration—The Imposition of Consecutive Incarceration Sentences as a Window of Discretion, published in Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency.

3. Misogynist incels gone mainstream: A critical review of the current directions in incel-focused research, published in Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal.

4. Examining Sexual Identity in the Context of General Strain Theory, School-Based Strain, Depression, and Delinquency, published in Victims & Offenders.

5. Police Decisions in a Rape Scenario: The Effect of Trauma Response, Forensic Evidence, Stranger–Perpetrators, and Rape Mythology, published in Violence Against Women.

6. Understanding the Nature of Family Violence Against Women With Insecure Migration Status in Australia, published in Violence Against Women.

7. Contextualizing Cisgender Women’s Histories of Intimate Partner Violence Victimization With Men and Women, published in Violence Against Women.

8. Hope as a Moderator of Intimate Partner Violence and Suicide Risk Behaviors Among Latinas, published in Violence Against Women.

I will share up to five of these articles in Your First Five, a Medium column that runs Monday through Friday, excluding Canadian holidays.

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