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6 new crime research studies for September 5

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Take a look at these new criminology & criminal justice studies from the journals I monitor.

I hope something catches your interest and you use it in your own writing. If you do, let me know!

1. An Intersectional Analysis of Technology-Facilitated Abuse: Prevalence, Experiences and Impacts of Victimization, published in The British Journal of Criminology.

2. Can We Compare Attitudes Towards Crime Around the World? Assessing Measurement Invariance of the Morally Debatable Behavior Scale Across 44 Countries, published in Journal of Quantitative Criminology.

3. Resocialization, gender and the Global South: A critical analysis of the concept through women’s experiences in prisons in Peru, published in Theoretical Criminology.

4. Romance baiting, cryptorom and ‘pig butchering’: an evolutionary step in romance fraud, published in Current Issues in Criminal Justice.

5. The Use of Chemical Control Within Coercive Controlling Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse, published in Violence Against Women.

6. Representative Survivorship: A Look Into the Race-Evasiveness of Title IX and Understanding the Barriers to Reporting for Women of Color, published in Violence Against Women.

As always, I hope you’ll find some research to write about yourself. I’d love to read it or watch/listen to it, so please let me know in the comments!

I might cover some of them in True Crime Adjacent (TCA) or Nonfiction Crime Writing (NCW).

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