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17 new crime research studies to write about or inform your writing

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New research for August 22

Take a look at these new criminology & criminal justice studies from the journals I monitor.

I hope something catches your interest and you use it in your own writing. If you do, let me know!

1. The Residue of Imprisonment: Prisoner Reentry and Carceral Gang Spillover, published in Justice Quarterly.

2. “Even though we’re married, I’m single”: The meaning of jail incarceration in romantic relationships, published in Criminology.

3. Big Data technologies in criminal investigations: The frames of the members of Judiciary Police in Portugal, published in Criminology & Criminal Justice.

4. Restrictive housing for prison rule violators: Specific deterrence or defiance?, published in Journal of Experimental Criminology.

5. Deen and Dunya: Islam, street spirituality, crime and redemption in English road culture, published in Theoretical Criminology.

6. “It’s Their Consent You Have to Wait For”: Intimate Partner Violence and BDSM Among Gender and Sexual Minority Youth, published in Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

7. Psychopathic Traits in a Swedish Court-Ordered Forensic Sample: Preferential Associations of Boldness, Meanness, and Disinhibition, published in International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology.

8. ‘Not in touch’: Nonverbal communication and frontline perceptions of inter-organizational justice in parole work, published in Theoretical Criminology.

9. Sentencing and the over-representation of people with cognitive disability in the Australian criminal justice system, published in Current Issues in Criminal Justice.

10. Changing Patterns of Domestic Homicide During Lockdown: Interrupted Time-Series Analysis in England and Wales, published in Homicide Studies.

11. Using Machine Learning Prediction to Create a 15-question IPV Measurement Tool, published in Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

12. Gender, Generations, and Guilt: Defendant Gender and Age Affect Jurors’ Decisions and Perceptions in an Intimate Partner Homicide Trial, published in Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

13. Economic Abuse and Help-Seeking Intentions Among Adolescents, published in Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

14. Assessment of Functional and Dysfunctional Perceived Threat of Hate Crimes Among Persons With and Without Disability, published in Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

15. “There Is No One Way to Get Over It”: An Examination of Psychotherapy and Complementary Therapy Use Within a Sample of Survivors Who Experienced Sexual Violence, published in Violence Against Women.

16. The Relationship Between Rape Myths, Revictimization by Law Enforcement, and Well-Being for Victims of Sexual Assault, published in Violence Against Women.

17. Reproductive Coercion and Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration Among Young Adult Males, published in Violence Against Women.

As always, I hope you’ll find some research to write about yourself. I’d love to read it or watch/listen to it, so please let me know in the comments!

I might cover some of them in True Crime Adjacent (TCA) or Nonfiction Crime Writing (NCW).

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